AL4US Ham Radio Club

This is a new page on our website to help keep people informed of the activities of the newly formed ham radio club, call sign AL4US.


Name Title Call Sign
Father Rafael Ortiz President, Principal W4RAO
Robert Branam VicePresident, Principal KW4LF
Tom Baxter Member KN4BJU
Dave Howard Member KN4CCY
Joe Jackson Member KN4CCZ
Jim Wharton Principal NO4A
 Mitch Combs  Member
 Barney Woody  Member
 Daniel Justine  Member


Event Calendar

June 17th – HamFest Knoxville, TN.  The annual hamfest in Knoxville TN will be held from 0830-1430 at 315 Mimosa Ave in Knoxville

June 24-25 ARRL National Field Day.  The club will be setting up antennas and radios on the property adjacent to the post.  We will be operating from 1 PM Saturday, June 24, through 1 PM Sunday June 25th.  Come join us overnight for some High Frequency (HF) communications with thousands of other hams.