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Honor Guard

We are extremely proud of Sevier County’s only Military Service Organization Honor Guard. It’s what American Legion Post 104 does best, & it’s as good as any we’ve seen, that is made up of “Volunteers”.


But, what else would you expect from the “Volunteer State“!

Before you can begin to understand why we are so proud of Our Honor Guard, you need to know a little about us.

There are about 30 of us, more or less in Our Honor Guard. We are America’s Veterans; We have Served throughout the World, both in times of Peace, and in War. Some of us have Served in Combat; Some of us did not. Some of us Served only briefly; while some of us Served 30 years or more. Some of us Served in World War II; Some of us Served in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We Served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

We are the Older Brothers of those Serving on Active Duty, in the Guard, and Reserve today. “We Have Been – Where They are Now!” We know what they are going through. And, someday, “They will be Where We are Now!”

Now, We are “Civilians – Continuing Our Service”. We are American Legion Post 104’s “HONOR GUARD”, right here in Sevierville.

“HONOR GUARD” – Why is it called Honor Guard?

The answer is quite simple. We “HONOR” ALL THINGS pertaining to SERVING our Great United States of America. We believe America, although not perfect, is “OUR COUNTRY” – Right or Wrong!

What does Our Honor Guard do?


The “DUTY” we are most proud of is providing the last Tribute to America’s Fallen Veterans; We provide “Military Funeral Honors Graveside Services” for all Veterans whose Family requests this of us.

In addition to this, Our Honor Guard participates in numerous other Patriotic activities throughout Sevier County, and into the adjoining Counties. We work with Churches, Schools, Government entities, Businesses, other groups, and individuals.

We do ALL these things because We “STILL” Love America, and We Love America’s Veterans. There are many other things that We do, and Want to do, that support Americanism and America’s Veterans. While We perform all of these things without any personal compensation, and free of charge, We do occasionally receive contributions from families, other organizations, or groups.

We use these funds to cover the cost of the work that we do. Being a NON-PROFIT organization, “We Spend” what “We Raise” on issues of “Need” right here in Sevier County. Just two of these issues are College Scholarships for local Children, and assistance to our fellow Veterans who need a little help.

When a Military Funeral Honors Service is scheduled, it is announced on our Post (ANNOUNCEMENTS). After it is completd, details are recorded on the (MEMORIALS). Other activities & events we do are recorded on the (RECENT HISTORY).

We would be happy to show you some of the things We do. Let us know if We can be of any Service to you.


Father Rafael Ortiz, Honor Guard Commander